Project Bathroom Successfully Finished

Work in Progress

Project Bathroom was finished last Friday. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a week: The bath is no more and a modern glazed walk-in shower cabinet with a rainfall-style shower head has replaced it. I find myself going into the room several times a day just to admire the new facility. Well, it was a long time coming.

I gave the whole cabinet (and bathroom—which I suppose we should now call a shower room) a thorough cleaning on Saturday, to remove any lingering muck resulting from the building work, and those irritating sticky marks left after the removal of labels. In future, I’ll be doing battle with the limescale residue from our very hard water; this may be why the new guest-room shower hasn’t yet been christened; (we do have two more shower rooms).

Over the years we’ve lived here and had work done to the house, we’ve always supported companies based in our local town, Manacor. This time we struggled to find a nearby business that was interested in doing the job, so we turned to British company, Handy Hands, based in the southwest of Mallorca. We were delighted with our decision, as the two men worked well, were pleasant to have around, and cleaned up after themselves. The latter is not always the case here.

A Woman’s Work?

Not long after we moved to rural Mallorca, in 2004, a mallorquín carpenter came to install new interior doors. He was a grumpy individual—perhaps because we didn’t have any working electricity sockets in the house and he had to use our mini-generator, which ran out of juice on a frequent basis and had to be topped up.

Spotting that he hadn’t brought a brush to sweep up all the curls of wood-shavings falling to the floor, I fetched our broom and leant it on the wall nearby—thinking I was being helpful. Ooh, the look he gave me! He wagged his forefinger from side to side, shook his head, and told me that sweeping was trabajo de mujer—a woman’s work. He downed tools and said he was going for lunch. Some two hours later, he returned, with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. Whatever he’d been doing during his long lunch break (which might not have been eating) had totally changed his mood—but he still didn’t sweep up his mess.

We’re Having a Heatwave … Tomorrow

Soon I’ll have plenty of time to admire the new shower, as I’ll be in the room painting the walls. It’s not decorating weather: the temperature is set to soar towards 40 degrees Celsius tomorrow. Apparently we’re going to have a heatwave. As it’s been in the low- to mid-30s for a good few days now, I’d assumed we were already having one. Silly me.

The long dry hot summer is upon us and standing under that new rainfall shower will be the closest thing to a bit of decent precipitation we’ll experience for a while. Just off now to Google environmentally-friendly cleaning tips for glass shower-panels . . .


If you have a property in Mallorca and need some reliable and experienced British builders, I am happy to recommend Handy Hands, who work anywhere on the island. See their Facebook page for more information and photos of some of their work.

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8 thoughts on “Project Bathroom Successfully Finished

  1. So here is the thing. When I received your notification that there was an update, I clicked on it because I (A) loved living in a very old home when I was in Puigpunyent, (B) reform jobs, large or small, are always interesting, and (C) I love reading your updates. Your writing brings the reader smack into the story. But when it opened, all I could see was “Project Bathroom Successfully Finished,” and most of the photo below. My immediate reaction was that the Boss seemed to have modified what I assumed were his architectural tastes or that I had somehow missed out reading in Casa y Campo that there was a new, “blemished” bathroom style. Then I scrolled down. (smiling now)

    Great story, as you do, and so nice to actually read about a proper recommendation of workmen who apparently do what they have been paid to do. Well done!

    • Thanks, JBR! So you don’t think the ‘blemished’ bathroom look’ would catch on? Again, thanks for your kind words. Most encouraging as I continue to plod on with editing the novel. Enjoy the heatwave!

  2. Fill a rinsed out spray bottle with equal parts water and white distilled vinegar. Spray the solution onto the front and back of the shower doors. Allow the mixture to stand for at least five minutes or up to 30 minutes for tough soap scum. This works like magic – but you need to rinse really well because it’s quite a strong smell!

    • Thank you, Gerry. Sounds perfect. We have a septic tank, so I have to be very careful what household cleaning products we use. This mixture won’t upset ‘The Beast’! And thank you for reading the post.

  3. Good too see project bathroom is completed and that you are happy with the work done by Handy Hands. We too like to use local tradesmen, however always good to have a personal recommendation. With the current heatwave am sure you will soon be christening the new shower room.

  4. Thanks, Tracy. Yes, personal recommendations are always welcome. Painting the bathroom tomorrow – in this heat! – and will no doubt be giving the shower its christening after that. Have a good weekend.

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