Bee Aware

Since we came to live in rural Mallorca, we’ve always been careful to ensure that there’s water available on our land for any passing thirsty wildlife. It’s particularly important during the summer months when we often have no rain at all for many weeks, and the temperatures are consistently high.

We brought four birdbaths with us from the UK, which are dotted around our property – and it’s simply a matter of making sure they’re all cleaned and topped up regularly with water. Our feathered friends are certainly grateful, calling regularly year-round for drinks and a spot of exuberant bathing (after which a water top-up is usually required). On one occasion we saw a family of partridge – six birds in total – all perched around the edge of the birdbath closest to the house. It would have made a great photo, but as I grabbed my Nikon from a shelf and removed the lens cap, they took off – as one – with a clattering of wings.

Dusty's turn at the watering hole

Dusty’s turn at the watering hole

The Cats, the Birds . .  and the Bees

Ironically – birds and cats being natural enemies – the feline family that has adopted us, also use the birdbaths for drinking. Thankfully, never together.

Bees ready to hit the water

Bees ready to hit the water

But there’s new competition at the bar: for the past few days we’ve had numerous bees coming to drink from the largest birdbath, at the front of the house. We’ve always had plenty of bees around the place, as two farmers further down the valley keep hives – and we deliberately made our garden bee-friendly, with plenty of tempting lavender and rosemary bushes. I love the buzz of a few bees around the place – makes me think of summer – but The Boss thinks that the huge number of bees around might just be from a swarm that’s settled somewhere on our land.

Just in case, I’ve just checked out beekeeping gear on the Internet, and found a natty white bee suit – looks like a onesie with attitude – that might look good on The Boss. Or we could just call on the expertise of our beekeeping Mallorcan neighbours . . .

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2 thoughts on “Bee Aware

  1. If you want help with bees you can talk to Carol and Bryan, neighbours to Annie and Martin at Son Jorbo outside Porreres. They helped us when we arrived in November and found that bees had occupied the space between a window and the shutters! They removed the bees with the queen and rehoused them in a hive at their place. We were most grateful to be able to open this window again.


    • Well, it’s a small world, isn’t it! I wouldn’t say that I know Carol and Bryan, but we met them at a friend’s party once. Glad to hear they’re back on the island, as I know they went back to the UK for a while. Didn’t know they were bee experts! Thanks for this info – we’ll bear them in mind if we get no joy with Pedro or Lorenzo in the valley.

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