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I’m a finalist in the 2021 awards … a delightful surprise!

Even as a child, I knew I wanted to be an author. I never imagined I’d one day be living in rural Mallorca though.

Aged 11, I sent my first novel, Jimmy – written in my best joined-up writing (which wasn’t that neat, to be honest) – to a major London publisher. Although they didn’t accept my minor masterpiece, they did send me an encouraging letter.

In the decade before moving to rural Mallorca in 2004, I was a radio presenter for both independent and BBC local radio. A bit of a workaholic, I also managed to squeeze some freelance copywriting, PR consultancy work, and occasional TV continuity announcing for Central ITV, into my work schedule. Before all this mania, I worked in PR for a European hotel chain’s UK HQ. To this day, I still love looking around, staying in, and writing about hotels.

The Big Move

Since 2004 I’ve lived in an old finca in rural Mallorca, where nature’s soundtrack of birds, insects, sheep bells, and braying donkeys plays as I write. This was a Big Move for a (then) frequently high-heeled person who’d lived most of her life in a city, town, or large village. I’d never had the slightest urge to live the bucolic life. Now I couldn’t imagine not living in rural Mallorca.

Life in Mallorca

Apart from this blog, I also author another blog relating to food, drink, and places to stay in Mallorca.  I love to write about this beautiful island and have contributed Mallorca-related articles to publications including abcMallorca, Majorca Daily Bulletin, The Telegraph (global edition), Living Spain, Food & Wine, and Writers’ Forum. I’ve also contributed to online publications The Business Travel News, A Luxury Travel Blog, Insiders Abroad, Nourish The Guide, and others.

During Spain’s tough lockdown in 2020, I knuckled down to finish the novel I’d been slowly writing for a while.

My Likes, Dislikes, and a Dream

My passions – in no particular order – are cooking, eating out, checking out hotels, Mallorcan wines, walking, being in the countryside, and the various males in my life (most of whom have four legs).

Three of our feline family taking advantage of the car's sun-warmed roof
Our feline family enjoys living in rural Mallorca too

The things I really don’t like are litter, mashed potatoes, graffiti, and eating snails.

My dream is that a publisher somewhere will beg me to turn this blog into a book. Meanwhile, my debut novel Daughter of Deià was published on September 2nd, 2021. Check it out on your local Amazon page here.

On May 5th, 2019, Mallorca Reflections published an interview with me. You can read it here.

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17 thoughts on “Jan Edwards, Author

  1. Hello Jan,
    Could you please send me your email address so that I may give you details of how my husband is a Mallorca resident and world wide commuter from Esporles. You asked about people in this situation regarding a report being done. Thank you!

  2. HI Jan,

    Slightly strange request…

    I’m messaging from the British TV show “The Only Way is Essex”.

    We are coming to film in Mallorca from the 1st to the 12th July. We are trying to find a typical Spanish farmer to feature in one of our scenes.

    Do you know anyone who might fit the description?

    Also we are trying to find a goat!

    • Hi Brad

      Well, this had me smiling! Firstly, sorry for delay in responding. It’s been a busy time here.

      I do know a Mallorca farmer quite well but he’s very shy and wouldn’t want to be filmed, I suspect. I also know of a few goats, there being quite a few in rural Mallorca (and plenty of wild ones in the mountains). Without knowing exactly what you intended to do with these ‘locals’, I’m afraid I don’t think I can help on this occasion.

      I wish you luck with the filming – bring plenty of sunscreen!

      Best, Jan

  3. Hi Jan!

    Thank you for this wonderful blog! I am in the process of moving to Mallorca for my work and your blog has helped me tremendously. I’ve been living in China for three years and ready for a more relaxed and valued standard of living. I am keen amateur gardener and veg grower. Would you mind if I ask you tips regarding gardens further down the line once in established in Inca?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Kriss

      Sorry for delay in replying – we have visitors staying. How interesting that you are moving from China to Mallorca! Rather different here and will be a much better pace of life.

      Of course, I’d be happy to help if I can. Not much of an e pert though!

      Best wishes, Jan

  4. Hi Jan, my wife and I retire in May 2018. We have been given the chance of living in a Finca just down the hill to the west of Costix. We have stayed there on holiday and have been told by younger people, around Inca, that the people of Costix are very rural and do not care for outsiders. I think the best way to be partially accepted would be to learn to speak Mallorquin rather than Spanish. What do you think. Thanks, Kevin Green.

    • Hi Kevin! Apologies for the delay in replying. I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

      How exciting to have retirement to look forward to – and the chance to live in a finca near Costitx. It’s true that it is a very rural village, although I don’t know how the people there feel about outsiders moving there. I do believe that most people can be won over if you try and communicate with them in their own language and don’t do anything that may offend their sensitivities! Mallorquin will certainly be what they speak on a day-to-day basis (as it is in the much-larger Manacor), but it’s a dialect of Catalan and there are variations of it around the island – which makes things complicated. I’d probably opt for Spanish or Catalan because I doubt you’ll find classes or books to help you learn mallorquin. I think Spanish (castellano) is the more useful but, once you’re here and immersed in local life, making an effort to learn some of the local dialect (watching IB3 TV is helpful for this) should show that you’re wanting to become part of the community.

      All the best for your future on Mallorca, Jan

  5. Thank you Jan, we will keep you up to date as we near the time, it may not be on a permanent basis till I retire in May 2018.

  6. Hi Jan – I am very excited to have stumbled across your blog and I have signed up to get regular updates. We (me and husband) are moving to Palma, Majorca in one month (March 2017) really excited about that as well. Highly possible that I may need to pick your brain! Your blog looks great and I am looking forward to giving it a proper good read. Best Wishes Lynn Baldwin

    • Hi Lynn, Great to hear from you and thank you for signing up to receive updates. How exciting that you are moving to Palma – a lovely city, as you’ve obviously already discovered; you must be incredibly excited. Good luck with the move next month and perhaps I’ll hear from you again. Best wishes, Jan

  7. Hi Jan !we are a group /club of Expats living in Mallorca,we cover 5 Districts wit approximately 1000 members.Iam based in the SW ,Calvia area . T o entertain / keep busy our members we do lots of things , a question from SW District ,would you / couldyou give us a talk on rural life in Mallorca .A tentative enquiry.
    Regards .
    David .

      • Thanks for you reply Jan. No problem, we are in Extramadura on Holiday and will return Friday April 28th. I will contact you at a later date and can explain more and perhaps arrange a date for you to come and talk to our group.
        Best Regards.
        Vice Chairman ,South West District ESRA.( English Speaking Residents Association.
        Sent from my I pad

  8. Hello Jan
    I’ve just spent a couple of very enjoyable hours browsing through your blog and have signed in for regular updates. My husband, Philip, and I have been living on Mallorca since 1986, first in a San Agustin flat originally bought as a holiday home, and since 1993 in our finca near the village of Sencelles. Retired now, our main activity is breeding our gorgeous Burmese cats. In a previous life, I was also involved in journalism (a daily column called Who’s News in the Bulletin and liaison work for the BBC) and I too have always dreamed of publishing a novel. It hasn’t happened yet, but I have several projects on the back burner waiting for inspiration and a break in the litter tray cleaning chores.. So we seem to have rather a lot in common 🙂 I’ll look forward to reading future installments of your blog and if you are ever over in our neck of the woods you’d be more than welcome to stop by and meet our feline family.
    Best regards
    Gwen (D’Arcy)

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