Poppies popping up – but not on our finca

Rural Majorcan poppies

A blaze of colour, although the farmer probably didn’t appreciate the invasion of his cereal crop!

Poppies seem to have been late emerging this spring on Mallorca. Perhaps it was because of the huge amount of rain that fell on the island over the winter months?

I love poppies and was keen to plant some in the garden, imagining a future scene reminiscent of Claude Monet’s famous Poppy Field. A welcome gift of California poppy seeds was liberally sewn over the small patch of our garden that has more than an inch or two of soil.

Lost to the lane

Last year a few of these seeds did grow into poppies but, this year, we haven’t had a single one in the garden. However, the wildflower-strewn verges of our lane have become home to a few that are more West-Coast America than rural Mallorca. Ho hum. Well, this is a breezy island…

A touch of Monet on Mallorca?

Elsewhere in rural Mallorca poppies are having a field day (pardon the pun). On our way back from an appointment in the town of Sa Pobla yesterday we spotted a particularly colourful field. I didn’t have my camera with me, so the image is courtesy of my iPad. And there are quite a few similar displays of poppies elsewhere on Mallorca…just not in our garden.

Text and photo Jan Edwards©2017

9 thoughts on “Poppies popping up – but not on our finca

  1. Hello Jan, yes I too love these poppies and have tried to plant the wild seeds for future growth. Alas, they seem to prefer the rough stony edges of the outside lane than than TLC in real soil!!
    Now, we’re in an urban environment which is exploding with bougainvillea and morning glory which are beautiful but not sure if they are indigenous.
    Hope all is well with you both. Perhaps we could rendez vous in Palma on one of your city missions.

    • Hello Charlotte!

      Thanks for your comment on the poppies post. We saw some beautiful lilac-coloured poppies this morning on a bit of waste ground
      in Sineu (went for the market for the first time for ages). Am emailing you re a meet-up!

      Jan xx

  2. Good Morning Jan – fabulous to see all those lovely poppies – I have a question which is I’m afraid completely unconnected and I hope you wont mind me picking your brains!? – we are relocating to Pollenca in a couple of weeks to set up our restaurant/cookery holidays business and I wanted to ask you about a fish shop/mini market that I saw in sa Pobla a few weeks back – it was closed but looked like it could be a good place to buy fresh seafood – I’m afraid I didn’t get the name as I was driving past but it was in a semi-pedestrianised looking area in the centre. I have enjoyed reading your posts and articles on food in abc for some years and would be grateful for any nuggets of info you might have on good suppliers of quality ingredients – bit cheeky I know but here’s hoping
    all the very best
    Steve French

    • Good morning Steve

      Thanks for your comment on the blog. Yes, the poppies are superb this year. And I am pleased you have enjoyed reading my posts and articles
      in abc over the years. I’m going to email my reply re the rest of your message; your plans sound really exciting!

      Best wishes for the relocation and business and I’ll reply by email shortly.


      • Hi Jan – I haven’t seen an email from you and please don’t think I’m hassling you but I wondered if it had perhaps got sucked into my Junk email filter somehow? and didn’t want to appear rude by not replying – No problem at all if you’re just busy – best regards Steve French

  3. Hello Steve! My apologies – I have been deputizing for news, weather, events etc on Mallorca Sunshine Radio for the past week, as well as my other commitments, so I have been rather busy. I hope to send you an email tomorrow, my last day of starting work at 6am! Best wishes, Jan

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