Cleaning the terraces – the easy way

At about this time every year we start the process of getting the terraces of our rural Mallorca finca ready for the warmer months, and our usual alfresco lifestyle. We have three terracotta-tiled terrace areas and, before the outdoor furniture is brought out from its winter storage in our annexe bedroom, these areas have to be cleaned of the muck that accumulates over the winter.

It’s The Boss’s job. He’s the one with a pair of wellies. He’s always tackled this task with vigour,  using a large scrubbing brush and hose. I think he’s motivated by the prospect of long balmy evenings on the terrace with a bottle of good Mallorcan red (there are many of them – both wines and long balmy evenings) and something sizzling on the BBQ.

Another ‘boy’s toy’ for the collection

In previous years there have been murmurings about hiring a pressure washer for the job, but it’s never happened. This year he’ll be using one: The Boss is now the owner of a new ‘boy’s toy’ (although as he has pointed out to me, this is not a toy, but a serious tool).

While musing over the possibility of bringing some motorized muscle to this annual spring chore, we found a bargain on promotion at the Hiper DIY store in Manacor: last year’s model with all the spec tech of this year’s – for 150 euros less than the latest model. Who cares if it’s not the latest design? Ker-ching! Sold to The Boss.

Soon the sound of our pressure washer will echo around the valley. Let’s hope it doesn’t frighten the sheep . . .

Clean terraces? No pressure, with one of these.

Clean terraces? No pressure, with one of these.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning the terraces – the easy way

    • Any day now! Although I think a few bits may drop off the car due to the pressure of the water. He’s very excited about his new toy . . . er, machine.

  1. Hi
    Have been reading your blog and have found it very interesting. We are in Majorca for three months and considering buying a property here so would be keen to get your thoughts on Island life!
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for reading my blog and getting in touch. Interesting that you are thinking about buying a property here. There are a lot worse places to have a home, I must say. I will make my next post – over the next few days – about life on the island, in the hope it will give you some information to think about. Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to know the weather is due to improve! It’s been a strange start to spring . . .

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