One splendid sun . . .

Occasionally, we see the most spectacular sunset and Monday, September 3rd was such an evening. We’d had sunshine and showers (and a rainbow), and there were some very impressive (and some menacing) cloud formations around. So I took some photos to post on this blog, and also sent some to IB3, the local Mallorcan TV channel, which shows viewers’ photos as part of the weather forecast. Clearly, I was not the only person who rushed for a camera, given the number of similar photos shown on IB3 yesterday afternoon – but to my great surprise, they showed one of my pictures!

I once visited Key West, Florida, where I joined a crowd of people who applauded enthusiastically as the sun slipped into the horizon. It was a special moment that’s made me appreciate sunsets wherever I am. You won’t find me clapping my hands here in the Mallorcan countryside though as the sun disappears behind the valley ridge. The locals would think I was bonkers . . .

Fifty shades of cloud

Fifty shades of sky

Golden moments in our valley

Golden moments in our valley

Goodnight Mallorca!

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