Blue sky thinking . . .


Following a few requests from friends who are missing their holiday homes in Mallorca, here’s a reminder of what blue skies and sunshine look like!  (Had I taken this picture yesterday morning, it would have reminded you of England: foggy, wet, grey and windy).

One of my early morning duties (once our tribe of adopted cats has wrested their food bowls from our hands) is to record the temperatures. We’ve been doing this ever since we moved here and although some recordings have been missed (there was that unfortunate incident with our previous thermometer), we have a fair picture of weather patterns on Mallorca.

December has been a fairly good month, and having retrieved the calculator from the depths of the desk drawer, I’ve worked out the following averages so far this month:

Daytime 15.1 Celsius

Overnight 7.6 Celsius

The heavy-duty duvet has not yet been commissioned this winter, but it’s surely just a matter of time. In 2012 we had the coldest and snowiest February for 50 years.  We won’t be sorry if February 2013 is warmer – even if it does mean that my Ugg earmuffs won’t get a tour of duty.