Hot Water System is Restored

At last, we have hot water again in our kitchen and guest suite. For almost two months, we’ve been boiling water in the kettle to do the washing-up (the pots and pans that don’t fit in our counter-top dishwasher). But now the hot tap delivers as it should.

It works!

Different Types of Water Heater

Our new butane-powered water-heater is a calentador atmosférico. Our previous Saunier Duval heater was an acumulador. The latter heated and stored water to the set temperature, ready to supply hot water to the house within seconds. The new model heats water only at the turn of a hot tap. It takes a minute or two to get from ambient-temperature water (pretty cold in February) to hot.

The new Cronos Atmosférico Calentador a Gas (manufactured by Centro Confort) is smaller, neater, and easier to operate than our former water-heater. Maversa*, the Repsol agent we used in Manacor, chose it based on their representative’s visit to us and a discussion of our requirements.

No Go, No Flow

The técnicos did a neat job of the installation but, when it came to the crunch moment, they couldn’t make the thing work. Much head-scratching and instruction booklet-perusing ensued. We were on the cusp of having our problem solved … but not that day.

The two men were apologetic and suspected a manufacturing fault. They’d contact the company and let us know when there was a solution. As we watched them drive off, we wondered how long that would take.

So we were surprised to receive an early phone call the next morning. The técnicos were returning – somehow having solved the problem.

We’d have preferred an acumulador, but the price of a new one shocked us. Besides, when the warmer weather comes we won’t wait so long for hot water to flow from the taps. There comes a time each year – usually when I need to wash salad vegetables on a daily basis – when it’s impossible to get anything but hot water. Even from the cold taps.

Bodily Needs

Our two técnicos were very pleasant and, unlike any other workers who’ve come to our house in the past, they accepted my mid-morning offer of a coffee. One of them later asked if he could use the bathroom, because he needed hacer pis. He was, of course, welcome to use the loo … although I didn’t need to know why!

* Maversa‘s shop is on the Passeig Ferrocarril, in the vicinity of the Auditorium in Manacor (look for the Repsol name and branding). We found them helpful and tidy installers.

©Jan Edwards 2021

5 thoughts on “Hot Water System is Restored

  1. The variety of methods to heat water and homes can be bewildering here, we are stuck with the gas-oil caldera that the previous owners installed. You look like you’ve found a very neat and efficient uodate

    • It’s certainly a neat piece of kit, Michael, and I’m pleased it’s easy to operate. Although The Boss preferred the old Saunier Duval, he often complained that it was difficult to light. No more of that at least! Yes, I think it’s easy to be stuck with previous owners’ choices – usually very expensive to change things.

  2. Your sentence about “hacer pis” made me remember how, quite a few years ago, I worked as a bilingual para in an elementary school. I was on recess duty that day and as I walked up to the entrance, a little girl from Kinder was standing there anxiously and said to me,”Tengo que hacer, tengo que hacer!” I did not get it at first so I asked her, “Hacer que?” She said in a disgusted voice, “Pues, pi PEEE!” Guess that was a very important phrase I had not heard used before. I now have met her again as an adult and she is lovely!

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