This December in Mallorca: Colder than Usual

Is it me – or has this month flown by? It’s been a colder than usual December here in Mallorca, after a very wet November.

December has certainly been a challenging month. We were unable to use our Jotul log burner for about five increasingly cold days, because of a problem with the insulation at the top of the stovepipe, where it goes into the wall. Our plan was to get some techie wizard in from the store where we bought the stove back in the day.

Sadly (for us), the store is so busy installing new stoves (I told you it was cold this December), they couldn’t send anyone out to us for five weeks. Five weeks! So we bought some insulation material, and The Boss brought the ladder into the house to do the job himself. He managed to sort out the problem before coming back down the ladder like Bert the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins – but without the dodgy Cockney accent. Result.

The Builders are in …

‘Builders? Just before Christmas?’ I can almost hear someone saying that to us. Yes, we do have builders in. Although when I say in, I don’t mean working inside the house. That would be crazy so close to Christmas.

Builders working on beams
Beam ’em up!

In fact the two outside jobs concerned have been on the cards for many months but, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, had to be put on hold.

The covered terrace outside our annexe guest suite has beams holding up the roof. And two of the beams were rotten. Replacing them without having the whole roof collapse was clearly a job for professionals. Otherwise, it had the potential of being like a horizontal version of Jenga.

Our builders, Handy Hands*, removed the rotten beams (and thoughtfully cut them up so we could use them as firewood), replaced them with new beams, and sanded and treated all the others. A job well done.

Step This Way

Access to the lid of our water tank – cisterna – has been by ladder ever since we bought the finca. The Boss takes a stepladder to climb up to the tank each week to measure the remaining amount of water. The ladder is far from steady, standing on the uneven ground next to the tank. When Jaume delivers our water supply by tanker, we leave him the ladder so he can also climb up, dragging his giant hose with him.

As none of us is getting any fitter, there had to be a safer way. It’s in the form of a small flight of steps (and handrail) adjoining the tank. Handy Hands finished this important addition to our finca this afternoon. What a fantastic job.

It’ll be better for The Boss and for me (I do have a bad rep with ladders), but we’re happy for Jaume to think of that short flight of steps as his Christmas gift from us …

  • We are happy to recommend Handy Hands; contact them via their Facebook page.

Have a Merry One

Our tree December 2021

Covid is again impacting on Christmas in various ways (depending on where you are) but, in spite of the challenges we all face, The Boss and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a much improved New Year. Think positive and stay safe. As they say here, Feliz Navidad or Feliç Nadal.

©Jan Edwards 2021

10 thoughts on “This December in Mallorca: Colder than Usual

  1. A merry Christmas wish from Sweden. We have just escaped the Mallorcan heatwave (joke).Enjoying the darkness and Cold temperatures Just wondering about the Nature of your chimney problems as I have a similar contraption at my finca.
    Greetings Anders

    • I hope you had a good Christmas in chilly Sweden! Mallorca is now having some fine weather, with temperature today up to 19C! Sorry to tell you that … Thank you for your lovely e-card. I hope you had a cosy Christmas and have another trip to Mallorca to look forward to. Best wishes for 2022.

  2. Nice newsletter update (as usual) but I did find myself doing a mild face contortion, accompanied by a almost whisper-like “ewwww” as I read the “chapters.” Well, as is often said, all is well that ends well, and your ending was pretty great. As for your closing wording, as we say here on the island, “igualmente mis amigos, igualmente.”

    • It has been a challenging time, but we weather the storm. Would have liked hot water in the kitchen for Christmas but that’s another story! The Boss is Head of Dishwashing, so that little challenge was his … Here’s to a creative 2022!

  3. Just wondered what the problem was as I have a similar contraption in My finca
    Merry Christmas from a cold and dark Sweden.

  4. Felix Navidad! Happy 2022. Well done with your book and having it stocked locally! Amazing and you should be very proud. We miss Spain. But hope a new adventure in 2022???!!!🤞🏻🥂🥂🤗🎅🌲💖

    • Thank you, Carole! I hope you had a good Christmas back in Blighty. How exciting that you may have a new adventure in 2022. Do keep up your art wherever you are! x

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