Writing Cats and Dogs . . .

My recent post ‘It’s a dog’s life on Mallorca‘ referred to an article I’d written about the Mallorca charity that rescues German Shepherds and other large dog breeds. If you’d like to read more about Dogs For U, the article has just been published in the online magazine ‘Insiders Abroad’.

Article about dog rescuers on Mallorca

Dogs For U in ‘Insiders Abroad’


The editor – having read this blog – initially contacted me to write about our cats, but I felt that an article about Dogs For U would perhaps raise awareness of their tireless work for unwanted dogs. The magazine accepted the idea, but also wanted to publish a collage of my photos of our cats in the same issue, which was pet-themed. And this week our furry felines have their moment of fame . . .

Cat photos

Our cats – published in ‘Insiders Abroad’


2 thoughts on “Writing Cats and Dogs . . .

  1. Hello Jan!! I Mariano the Manager from Quince restaurante y Cantina, i happy to tell you that now Quince change the Owner and the new Owner is Martin Segura and me, we unify in only one group, in this group are differents cooks, somelliers, metres whit differents cultures like Germany, Sud America and Asia, tougheter we run the restaurant and early another new.
    Hope to see you again to meet us and tell you some news.
    Mariano Sasso

    • Hi Mariano, we were talking about Quince only this morning – it has been too long since our last visit! Interesting news and congratulations. We will visit soon to hear more details. Hope you’ll still have my fave fish dish! Best wishes, Jan

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