Jet Planes About to Return to Mallorca

Mallorca’s tourism is about to be reactivated. We’re nearly at the end of Spain’s State of Alarm, which began on March 14th and ends on June 21st. Today, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced that the country’s borders would reopen that day to Schengen countries (although Portugal has asked to retain the original planned date of July 1st).

Tomorrow, two planes from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf will land at Palma de Mallorca’s airport and disgorge German tourists (and owners of second homes here). These are the first arrivals for what was planned to be a two-week pilot scheme to test Covid-19 protocols. That’s now become a one-week pilot, as the border reopening date has been brought forward.

One more week to go then, until we reach ‘new normality’. We still don’t know when family and friends from the UK will be able to travel here – or, more precisely, when the requirement for quarantine in the UK will end, making it more likely that people will consider coming for a holiday.

Day-to-day life in rural Mallorca hasn’t been too different from life as it was before the pandemic. It’s always quiet where we live, but the absence of planes flying over the valley has been noticeable. An hour or so ago, as we sat outside reading on this warm Sunday afternoon, a plane flew over – such a rare sound now that we immediately looked up from our books and commented on it.

In Other News…

The biggest changes have been in our cat ‘glaring’ (collective word for cats, if you didn’t know). In the middle of April, Chico – one of the cats we’ve looked after – disappeared. He was nine years old and had always stayed close to the house – although he was nervous of humans (even the two who had fed him twice a day since he was a kitten). We haven’t seen him again and try not to think about why.

Sweetie has discovered one of the outdoor sofas

His departure has resulted in an interesting change in the cat colony dynamics. Since Chico left, Sweetie – the only outdoor female (we had her sterilized as soon as she was old enough) – has been spending more time on our finca with her other siblings (and Shorty, who’s not related).

Sweetie’s always had her own territory on the holiday-home finca of friends a short distance from our home. Whenever she was hungry she would walk down the lane and come to the cat buffet at our place. Usually she came when the others weren’t around, eating what she wanted, then scurrying back to her territory.

Recently, Sweetie has been spending a lot of time on our finca and now eats with her remaining siblings twice a day. Her character has changed too: she’s no longer nervous of us and will even sit outside the front door waiting for us to go outside. I’ve also managed to pick her up for the briefest of cuddles without suffering a facial-disfiguring attack. Yesterday, we saw the biggest change in this cute little cat: after dinner eaten on the front terrace, I walked to the back of the house and found Sweetie sitting on one of our garden sofas. This would have been unthinkable a few months ago.

We never noticed any antagonism between Chico and his sister Sweetie but it seems too much of a coincidence that, since he left, she has become a different – and much more relaxed – cat. Perhaps it’s a case of every cloud has a silver lining…

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9 thoughts on “Jet Planes About to Return to Mallorca

  1. As I really do not like, and am allergic to, cats, I will skip on to the part about the “return of people” to our island (My God, that certainly does sound like the title to some zombie movie). It is very evident that, for an island that exists on tourism for income, allowing tourists to once again come is a good thing. One can only hope that the government (and the governments of the countries where tourists are coming from) will take enough precautions to ensure (whatever that means anymore) that people coming to the islands are not bringing with them the virus. The Balearics are very special places and we can only hope that they are able to stay that way.


    Good Morning  Jan and Richard, want to know where those aircraft are coming/ going too, try the  free Flight Radar app a must for aviation buffs.Blood test for me today and Oncologist Wednesday.  Wish me luck.  Keep safe. John and Vicky 

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    • Good morning John and Vicky. Oooh, like the sound of the app. Sounds like something that could become quite addictive!

      Very best of luck for today and Wednesday. Keep us posted.

      Meanwhile, stay safe and well – and look forward to your return to La Roqueta!

  3. Hola Jan and Richard, If you want to know where these aircraft are coming from/ going too, why not try the Free Flight Radar 24 app. A must for aircraft spotters.  Blood test for me today and Oncologist Wednesday.  Wish me luck  John and Vicky 

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  4. I really enjoy reading your updates especially about your extended family of cats. Many years ago when living in the UK, we had two cats, there was a nine year age difference between them. When our eldest cat died, the younger cat definitely changed in her demeanour becoming more friendly and affectionate, staying closer to home rather than staying outside for prolonged periods. I find cat behaviour fascinating.

    • Thank you, Tracy, for your kind comment about the blog. It’s very interesting what you say about your younger cat changing once the eldest one had died – and seems to bear out my theory about Sweetie and Chico. You’re right, cat behaviour is fascinating.

      I hope all is well with you, as we head towards ‘new normality’!

      Best wishes, Jan

  5. Interesting with the sociology of your cats (I like cats but unfortunately I am extremely allergic to them, luckily not to dogs). We are also looking forward to the renewed air traffic. The first plane to Sweden left yesterday but we could not be on-board due to lack of space for our dog, Casey, a rescue dog from Galway on Ireland. However we got a new chance June 28th. Originally I planned to return to Sweden at the end of April! My dear friend who came to stay for about four weeks has now been here for four months! Not that I am complaining as she is a wonderful cook and we have had a wonderful time together. We both also love to work in the garden and our friends back in Sweden all says that we are better off here. But it is getting to hot to work during the day and we have properties back there that needs care.

    • An extended stay for you this visit then, Anders. It sounds as though you’ve had an enjoyable time with your friend though – and how super that’s she’s a wonderful cook as well as great company! We’re also finding it becoming a bit hot now for garden work during the day. I imagine you’re now counting down the days to get back to your properties in Sweden and find out how things are going there.

      Best wishes and safe travels for you, Casey, and your friend,

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