Winter Hasn’t Finished in Mallorca Yet

Horseriders enjoying Mallorca

Passing our finca in the lane: riders enjoying one of the lovely winter days we’ve had.

The official start of spring is only just around the corner. Is it too early to say that this winter’s weather has been the most pleasant since we moved to Mallorca in 2004? However, as I mentioned in my last post, we did have a severe storm in January, which was a potent reminder that this is, after all, winter.

Storm Gloria in January caused damage to the tune of 11.2 million euros (the figure reported in the Majorca Daily Bulletin). I’ll never forget the alarming sight of Mediterranean waves crashing over the roof of a block of front-line apartments, in Portocolom – footage replayed countless times on the local TV news.

In the past couple of days we’ve had a visit from Storm Karine, which brought gale-force winds to the island. The strength of the wind intensified during last evening, making us pleased to be hunkered down in front of the woodburner. It was only after we were tucked up in bed, listening to the howling gale outside, that I remembered I’d left a load of washing to dry on a rack under the porch. Would a collection of our pants and socks be flying to Felanitx overnight?

The morning after the windy night before

This morning we woke up to the news that several roads on the island have been blocked by falling trees. Sadly, in Palma, eight palm trees on the Passeig Sagrera (on the seafront) succumbed to the gale-force winds.

It was with some trepidation that we opened the shutters and doors this morning. The only evident damage caused by the wind was one small flowerpot that had toppled over and a sprinkling of tiny almond buds on one terrace, stripped from the tree by the wind.

The good news is that we still have our full complement of undergarments. And, this morning, the sun is shining, and our spring-like winter continues. Until the next storm….whatever it may be named.

Jan Edwards ©2020

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