A chill in the air

Woolly jumpers in the lane!

It’s turned rather chilly on Mallorca today. It’s all relative, of course, because the 11 degrees C we have at the moment outside at our finca, would probably be welcome right now back in the UK.

Watching this afternoon’s weather forecast on IB3 TV – covering the Balearics – I saw a selection of photos sent in by viewers over the past few hours. One of these images showed a thin layer of snow lying on the ground up in Mallorca’s Tramuntana mountains, around the Gorg Blau reservoir.  Brrr . . .

A vested interest in the weather

Another sign of winter has just been spotted. Local farmer Pedro, who just trundled up the lane on his ancient tractor – moving his sheep to a different field – was wearing his warm-looking hat with the substantial ear flaps, rather than the jaunty battered straw number that graces his head for much of the year. On the basis that Mallorcan farmers seem to be able to predict the weather as well as any meteorologist, I’m off in search of my thermal vests . . .

2 thoughts on “A chill in the air

  1. Sounds positively balmy there Jan,it’s -4 right now here and i have just returned home from London with two thermal vests (from M&S),i had spent the day with my aunt who today is 98 years young! She has all her marballs and is able to look after herself,amazing old lady.
    I was in Florida two weeks ago wall to wall sunshine every day, some of use do have to suffer
    Keep warm Jan,regards to Richard

    • Those thermal vests will come in useful, I think, in the UK this winter! Great to hear your aunt is doing
      so well – 98 is a fantastic age to be able to look after herself. Bet she enjoyed her day with her
      nephew too! Ah, Florida. Hope you enjoyed that lovely sunshine. Beautiful here today but a nip in the
      air when you’re in the shade. Best wishes

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