Jammin’ in Mallorca

No, not the Bob Marley sort of jammin’. I’m talking about the preserves I’ve been making in recent days on our finca in rural Mallorca. We have reached that time of the year when there’s an abundance of fruit and vegetables ready for eating. It’s wonderful to have so much fresh produce available: the market stalls in our nearest town Manacor (and elsewhere) are positively groaning under the weight of it all.

Our Not-so-productive Garden

Our own finca‘s production has so far been limited to some lemons. We have dreadful soil and, although we could import some, because we’re located on sloping terrain, it would probably be washed away in the next heavy downpour.

There are signs that we’ll have a crop of figs later in the year (we had none at all last year) and, of course, there’ll be almonds in the autumn. But non-tree crops just don’t do well. Ours is probably the world’s only garden where mint doesn’t go mad and take over everything else!

The Kindness of Neighbours

We do, however, have generous neighbours whose land produces more fruit and vegetables than they can use. So far, we’ve had gifts of oranges, cherries, mulberries (very messy, those), apricots, plums, courgettes, onions, and lettuces. We’veĀ  juiced, frozen, made jams and chutneys, and eaten. From glut comes gluttony . . .

Pots of preserves.

Jams and chutneys galore

All of the effort involved has made me realize one thing: Mallorcan country wives traditionally didn’t go out to work because they didn’t have time. They were too busy pickling, drying, bottling, preserving, and jammin’ …

Jan Edwards Copyright 2015

4 thoughts on “Jammin’ in Mallorca

  1. Hi Jan why don’t you sell it at Son Servera Market Friday ,s, theirs no one doing home made jams etc,I’m in Son Servera can’t wait till autumn as there’s loads blackberries in the country lanes ,I even brought my jam pan over from uk xx

  2. Hi Janet, That would be fun! But I think there are strict rules about selling stuff like that. I have a chef friend who made loads of great preserves but wasn’t allowed to sell them for some reason. Bureaucracy, eh? We have blackberries in our lane too, usually ready late July! One of my cousin’s little boys once polished off a whole jar of my blackberry jam over the course of just 2 breakfasts, during their stay here!

  3. Mallorca’s Jam, or was it Gem? Anyway Jan, for sure you turn lot’s of things into gold.
    Definitely like to try it when we meet up soon! XX

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