An Unusual Tree on Mallorca?

The Boss and I went to visit a finca last week that some new English friends (made as a result of this blog) have bought for their future move to the Mallorcan countryside.

They have a lot of work to be done first: the property is a ‘doer-upper’ and as we walked through the house with them, they told us the plans for each room. It will be amazing when it’s finished. This couple has apparently done up several properties during their married life, and we could tell they really enjoy doing projects like this. Not everyone relishes such an undertaking – and you can probably put The Boss and me in that category.

No Hard-hat Home for Us

When we came out to look at properties on Mallorca – which we did in a 4-day breathless, whirlwind tour of the island with various estate agents – we were quite specific about our requirements. We didn’t want to live on a construction site, but were prepared to do some cosmetic stuff to our new home (although it turned out to be a bit more than that).

Despite having emphasised that we didn’t want to have to do a lot of renovation work, several estate agents took us to see quite a few properties that were in need of serious labour. One German real estate agent came accompanied by a builder and a finance-arranger (travelling in a separate beefy 4-wheel drive vehicle), just in case we suddenly succumbed to one of these long-neglected properties they were clearly having trouble selling. No chance – despite what turned out to be intimidation tactics.


I’ve digressed slightly. Our friends’ new home-to-be is blessed with a garden full of trees – one of which neither they nor we could identify.


Can anyone identify this tree?

Can anyone identify this tree?


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6 thoughts on “An Unusual Tree on Mallorca?

      • Dear Jan,
        After seeing this picture I got interested in finding a similar tree to my mini-arboretum here on Mallorca. It is really very mini! I got a slightly bigger one back in Sweden. After looking around I found one (the only one they got) at Vivers Can Juanito in Son Ferriol. A place there I often find what I am looking for.
        Hopefully it will survive the coming summer when I am not here. After planting a lot of trees you realise that all will not make it and be happy for those who does!

      • Dear Anders,
        How lovely to have a mini-arboretum at your home here. You’re right, trees don’t always succeed here. We have part-time neighbours who continue to plant – and sometimes lose – trees, but it’s hugely satisfying when they survive, isn’t it!

        We had a branch of Vivers Can Juanito in Manacor for a while and I really liked their plants. The place is now a garden furniture and interiors store …

        Best, Jan

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