‘Snowing’ on Mallorca

We were talking earlier on the phone to The Boss’s elderly aunt in Birmingham (UK), who told us it had been snowing there this morning. Two years ago this month, Mallorca also saw a lot of snow – the most since the ’50s, we were told. The Boss’s cousin and wife had come over at that time for a walking holiday, staying in Camp de Mar. They were somewhat shocked to wake up one morning to find quite a lot of snow outside the door – and the wrong kind of walking gear in their wardrobe.

Although snow does usually fall on the Tramuntana mountains a few times over the winter, it doesn’t often make it to our part of the island; not that we’re complaining. We do, however, have a very special ‘snowfall’ on the island, which usually happens this month.

In the past few days, we’ve had some strong winds and quite a lot of rain. As a result, the almond blossom – a notable feature of the Mallorcan countryside at this time of the year – is coming to an end. A ‘snowfall’ of the delicate petals arrives with every strong gust of wind, and soon the ground will be littered with drifts of them. Goodbye almond blossom, hello new green leaves.

'Snow' drift on the terrace

‘Snow’ drift on the terrace

2 thoughts on “‘Snowing’ on Mallorca

  1. Oh dear, looks like we’ll arrive too late to see the blossom (still two weeks to go). Will have to make do with, hopefully, seeing other flowering plants and bulbs. We’ll just have to come out earlier next year to see the almond blossom!!!

    • It does look like it, Barry, so I hope there’ll be plenty of wildflowers for you to enjoy. I am already keeping my eyes open for early poppies . . . not seen one yet, but they could be here soon. Have a good stay when you get here.

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