Mallorca + February = Almond Blossom

Almond blossom's delicate beauty

Almond blossom’s delicate beauty

February can be a cold month on Mallorca, but it can also be one of the most beautiful. This is the month when Mallorca’s thousands of almond trees burst into blossom (and show a hint of the new green growth that will rapidly follow). Those who know the island as a summer or autumn destination, but have never visited in this particular month are missing one of Mallorca’s most impressive natural events.

For those who do visit Mallorca at this time of year, a tour of the island’s rural interior offers plenty of photo opportunities and the delicate scent of almond blossom on the breeze (or, sometimes, the howling wind).

What could be more lovely on a clear day?

What could be more lovely on a clear day?

Mallorca has fiestas and fairs throughout the year and many of these firas are dedicated to produce from the island – including herbs, olives, sobrassada, honey, melons and, of course, almonds.

Step Back in Time

Today was the almond fair in Son Servera and, never having been before, we went this morning. We knew it was taking place in an old finca, and assumed it would be in the countryside outside the small town. Back in 1780, when it was built, it would have been. Today Ca s’Hereu has become incorporated into the town itself, with newer buildings around it. But once through the gates, the modern face of Son Servera is soon forgotten.

As you’d expect, stalls were selling a variety of products made from almonds, but there were also other foodstuffs available, as well as handicrafts. Wandering musicians played traditional Mallorcan music, and the local television cameras were there to capture it all. Perhaps you’ll spot us on IB3 TV news tonight? Just for a change, we weren’t caught on camera eating. We once appeared on the front cover of a couple of local Manacor magazines, gorging ourselves on ice cream at the town’s September fair; we only found out about that when several people we know in Manacor told us about our ‘starring role’.  Thankfully, we never did see what sounded like an embarrassing photo.

We decided to save our almond-munching until this evening, in the privacy of our own finca. What could be more delicious than a few roasted Mallorcan almonds with a pre-prandial drink? And more evocative of spring than the clouds of almond blossom decorating the island’s many orchards?

The venue for Son Servera's almond fair

The venue for Son Servera’s almond fair

Music, maestros, por favor!

Music, maestros, por favor!

Agricultural implements were on display.

Agricultural implements were on display.


One day our own almond trees may be this productive . . .

One day our own almond trees may be this productive . . .

All photos by Jan Edwards

Jan Edwards Copyright 2014

7 thoughts on “Mallorca + February = Almond Blossom

  1. We’ve always wanted to see the almond trees in full bloom. Well, this year we’ll hopefully be fullfilling our wish. We will be spending a couple of weeks on the magical island towards the end of this month. We just hope the blossom will wait for us.

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Barry. At the moment it’s not particularly windy, so you may be lucky. Enjoy your holiday when it comes, and thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Hi Jan,
    I was just on Mallorca this past weekend, and it seemed like only maybe a third of the trees were partially blossoming, and some not at all. I went all over the island, too. Was I too early, or too late?

    • Too late, I’m afraid! Its arrival tends to vary from year to year, depending on the weather. Things are moving on apace this year, with early signs of spring. We’ve even seen a tortoise in the garden, and they’re usually still hibernating at this time. In spite of the lack of blossom, I hope you had a wonderful time on the island.

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