Our New Mallorcan Garden Project – Part 1

A few years ago, we replaced the old wooden, outdoor dining table and chairs on our main terrace with a Moroccan tiled-top table and iron chairs. The old wooden set was scruffy and somewhat wobbly but was usable, so we put it in our field just beyond our garden area. Afforded some dappled light and shade from our tree, it turned out to be a useful lunch spot, often cooled by the lunchtime breeze known here as l’embat. We used it a time or two when my dad and Uncle Ray visited, but the weeds under the table and chairs were scratchy around our legs.

Last spring’s strict Spanish lockdown gave us time to do something about this. Over a period of several weeks, hours were spent pulling up weeds until we had only bare earth beneath the furniture. Inspiration struck: what if we put down some weed matting and then gravel, to stop the weeds returning? We’d have yet another decent area to eat and drink or use our laptops during the day.

This became our new project, which would have been completed were it not for a major obstacle. Except for supermarkets, pharmacies, and a few essential businesses, nothing was open. We couldn’t buy weed matting or gravel. By the time lockdown ended and businesses were allowed to open again, our thoughts were elsewhere … we were in the process of having our guest bathroom converted into a guest shower room.

More Weeding Required

And lift!

This summer we’ve been getting up early to take advantage of the cool, fresh air before the sun has risen too far over the ridge. And our 2020 project has been revived. Sadly, the weeds had all returned over the winter, requiring another mega weeding effort. This week we reached the stage of buying the weed matting and the gravel.

Big packs

We hitched up our trailer and visited Juan Lliteras, the construction-materials company on the Felanitx road, where we bought what’s called a ‘big pack’ (yes, they use the English) of gravel. We’ve bought stuff from this yard before and have been impressed by the man who served us (who may be the owner), who is one of the smiliest people you could meet. It’s also impressive that the business is open weekdays from 7am until 7pm, without closing for lunch.

We returned home and parked the trailer close to the area where we’d be working. Our intention was to lay the materials early next morning.

To be continued …

Jan Edwards ©2021

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