Winter Drawers On in Mallorca!

We’ve had an amazing autumn this year in Mallorca. It’s sad that people who would usually enjoy a late-autumn break on the island weren’t here to enjoy the blue skies and pleasant temperatures we’ve recently had.

Our winter warmer

I’ve even eaten quite a few breakfasts sitting on the terrace, soaking up some early rays. The Boss tends to watch the UK news on TV at breakfast time and, with everything that’s going on in at the moment, that would probably give me indigestion.

Yesterday was the first day of winter – in meteorological terms. I prefer to think of winter starting on the astronomical Winter Solstice date of December 21st. Anything to delay the start of my least favourite season here in Mallorca – despite the allure of the log-burner, hearty casseroles, red wine, and Christmas.

And So it Begins

Whichever date you consider as kicking off the winter, the weather has decided it begins today. With a bang. Or, at least, a dollop of the white stuff.

Snow has already fallen today in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains – which isn’t too unusual for this time of year. For those of us living under 1,100 metres above sea level, it’s a grey, wet day with top temperatures barely in double figures and expected to fall to between three and six degrees Celsius later today. Oh, and did I mention the winds gusting up to 70kph in the northeast of Mallorca? Needless to say, breakfast was indoors this morning.

‘Tis the Season to be Supplementing

Commenting on the results of my recent blood test yesterday, my gynaecologist said my Vitamin D level was a bit low. I was surprised and explained that I’d been sitting outside having my breakfast on sunny mornings, with a view to increasing it.

‘Do you do it naked?’ he asked.

‘Er, no.’ I replied. ‘It’d probably frighten the sheep.’ For the record, the doctor wasn’t being pervy, but making the point that I needed to expose more flesh for longer to get sufficient benefit from an autumn morning’s sunshine.

‘Has she finished eating breakfast yet?’

I probably could breakfast outdoors in my birthday suit, as the neighbours would be unlikely to see me. But, hey, it’s winter now and far too cold. And besides, if I eat outdoors, our attention-loving ginger cat Shorty likes to leap onto my lap as soon as I’ve finished eating. Imagine the pain of those claws landing…

Welcome, then, to winter in Mallorca. And a daily dose of Vitamin D supplement.

If it’s cold where you are and you fancy curling up and listening to a podcast, I’d love you to check out Living in Rural Mallorca and Authors in Mallorca. You’ll find both available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and a few other players too.

Jan Edwards Copyright 2020

9 thoughts on “Winter Drawers On in Mallorca!

  1. I just wanted to say I love your sense of humour and look forward to your updates.
    Having been here on the island for a relatively short period it is great to hear some of the stories shared by newbies.

    Gary Chard –
    Creative Director
    CHARD International Pty Ltd
    PO Box 76 Prahran Vic 3181
    Mobile +61 0419 200 007
    Mobile +34 691 872 264


    From: Living in Rural Mallorca
    Reply to: Living in Rural Mallorca
    Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2020 at 3:40 pm
    To: Gary Chard
    Subject: [New post] Winter Drawers On in Mallorca!

    Jan Edwards posted: ” We’ve had an amazing autumn this year in Mallorca. It’s sad that people who would usually enjoy a late-autumn break on the island weren’t here to enjoy the blue skies and pleasant temperatures we’ve recently had. Our winter warmer I’ve even eaten “

  2. Nice fire photo…made me all warm inside (even though it isn’t that chilly here on the coast), but as always, love your updates. Is your doctor a naturist?

    • I don’t think he’s a naturist. Certainly had clothes on in the surgery!! I did once have a dodgy gynaecologist in the UK. Minutes into my first consultation he suddenly said, ´And how’s the shaggin`?’ Some time later he was struck off for inappropriate behaviour with a (willing) patient!

    • Yes, autumn was lovely, Denise. Thanks for the comment about Shorty’s pic. He is a darling but I cannot persuade him to come and spend time indoors, unfortunately. Covid cases in the Balearics are not as bad in other areas; of 3,644 tests done in the past 24 hours, 207 were positive. 414 people have died from Covid since the pandemic began in the islands.

  3. Sorry to hear the weather has taken a dip but hopefully it will pick up after the weekend. Thank your lucky stars you haven’t got our miserable weather had to decorate my garden Christmas tree to cheer the place up. Wish I could be on the island with you.

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