Summer and holiday home rentals are sizzling

It’s sooooo hot. But, I hear you say (probably through gritted teeth, if you’re in the UK right now), isn’t Mallorca usually hot in July? The fact is that the island’s sizzling temperatures began much earlier than usual this year and have been consistently high – usually hitting the 30+ degrees Celsius before midday. This week it’s forecast that Mallorca will see the mercury creep into the low 40s.  We shall be doing our impression of bats…not emerging until twilight.

High Mallorcan temperatures

The temperature at our rural finca in Mallorca – in the shade.

Airbnb – not just in Palma

Mallorca has huge numbers of tourists this year, staying not just in hotels, villas, and self-catering apartments, but also privately owned properties rented through online platforms such as Airbnb. According to a young Mallorcan family that lives in our valley, this seasonal money-making opportunity has been seized with great enthusiasm by quite a few local people who own country properties (often second homes, used as weekend places). Our young neighbours are spending their summer elsewhere, whilst enjoying the rental income from holidaymakers seeking an authentic rural-living experience on the island.

For a real taste of living in the Mallorcan countryside, you can’t beat painting old wooden window shutters (persianas) with gloss that turns gloopy in the summer heat. Sadly, that’s not the type of authentic rural-living experience holidaymakers would ever pay for…

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4 thoughts on “Summer and holiday home rentals are sizzling

  1. So, it seems that Poula, the weather woman from the Fast Show was spot on when she predicted that your weather would be Scorchio. I can remember when I lived in the village that there were a couple of times when the temp would rocket up to forty (or almost forty), but then it would settle back to the usual Mallorquin summer. My solution for you would be to either visit friends in balmier climates or simply plant more solar to drive a huge air con system. Pretty nice here (but to paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

  2. Thinking the BVI would be a great place to be to escape this oppressive heat and humidity. Nothing normal about this mallorquin summer! Scorchio por cierto… Enjoy those sea breezes.

    • Finally we’ve had rain overnight and this morning and it’s currently 21C – half of what it was this time last week! It was good to sleep easily last night… I hope the UK gets some decent weather soon. My Dad (in Mudeford) said last night that it was cold yesterday.

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