Food Service As Usual for our Feline Birthday Boys

Six years ago today our cats Beamer and Dusty were born. These two fellas are the only survivors of the litter of four born in the old abandoned casita on the other side of the wall at the bottom of our field. They’re also the elder siblings of three cats born later in the same year to the same mum.

Our finca quickly became their finca and their favourite restaurant. We serve a pretty good breakfast and dinner, apparently, even if the food is the same at each meal!

Being a bit of a softie, I’d love to treat them to something special to eat on their birthday. But, on the few occasions (such as Christmas) when we’ve bought them fresh chicken breast or rabbit, they’ve turned up their cute little noses and demanded their usual dry food diet. Cats are notoriously fussy…

Beamer and Dusty were, however, seemingly happy to pose for their birthday portraits. In fact, they were attentively waiting for the breakfast that they could hear The Boss preparing in the kitchen. For these semi-feral cats, having their food served to them twice a day probably makes every day seem like a birthday. Happy birthday, boys!

Beamer: “I can hear cat biscuits being poured into a bowl.”

Dusty: “Why sit on a stone wall when you can sit on a wooden chair warmed by the early-morning sun?”

©Jan Edwards2017

2 thoughts on “Food Service As Usual for our Feline Birthday Boys

  1. How lovely! A great shot, is the top photo. They certainly look well fed! Just how many cats do you feed, including your own? ( for some reason your posts have been going into my junk mail! I wondered where you had gone!!)

    • Thanks, Denise, for your kind comment. I love that top photo too. Yes, they are a well-fed bunch. As well as our Birman, Minstral (who’ll be 20 in May!), we look after seven outdoor cats – all of whom we’ve had neutered. They are such a joy to have around. I’m sorry for the delay in replying, but I’ve been poorly and had to spend a few days in hospital. All OK now again!

      Best, Jan

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