Sourcing a Solar-powered Water Feature for our Finca in Rural Mallorca

This time last year I was on a mission: I wanted a water feature for our finca’s dining terrace. And I wanted it to be solar-powered, like our electricity supply. Surely that wouldn’t be hard to find?

The Boss and I scoured Mallorca to find one: we really like to buy local if we can. We were amazed that, on an island where the sun shows its face on some 300 days a year, it appeared that we were as likely to find a solar-powered water feature for sale as we were an igloo. After failing to find a supplier in Spain, via the Internet, we gave up.

A few weeks ago I was searching the Internet for something else for the garden that we couldn’t find locally. Lo and behold, I found a site for a company on the Spanish mainland offering a choice of solar-powered water features. Result!

From the Mainland to Mallorca

We wasted no time choosing and ordering something to add that sound of trickling water that should make us feel cooler during the balmy summer evenings – most of which are spent on the terrace. The fountain arrived pretty quickly and was easily assembled. I say easily, because The Boss did it. Putting together something like a solar-powered water feature comes under the heading of ‘technical’ in my book. And I don’t do technical. At least, not if I have The Boss handy at the time.


We love it. And so do our cats, who consider it yet another source of water for them around the finca . . .

Jan Edwards Copyright 2015 

4 thoughts on “Sourcing a Solar-powered Water Feature for our Finca in Rural Mallorca

  1. Dear Jan, I think your solar powered fountain looks fabulous! I am in the process of buying a house near Pollensa in S’Ubac – should sign this week – I have been searching for a Moroccan ‘ zellige’ tiled fountain for ages but not been successful. Would you mind sharing your source for the solar fountain you found in Spain?
    Thanks and love the blog!

    • Dear Judi

      Firstly, my apologies for the delay in replying. We’ve had visitors and it’s been manic here!

      Thanks for your comments on my solar-powered fountain and the blog. I’m pleased with it. We found it on (based on the Peninsula but, I think, a British company). However … you may find what you’re really looking for at a store near Campos (southwest Mallorca). We recently bought an outdoor table and chairs from one of two businesses there that sell Moroccan furniture, lights, and other decor items – I’m sure I saw some zellige-tiled fountains. The only problem is that I cannot find the leaflet or receipt from the company to give you definite details. Both are located close to each other on a road lined with retail units just outside Campos on the Palma road – if that helps.The one where we bought our table I think had Marrakech in its name.

      Good look with your house purchase near lovely Pollensa – and with finding the fountain you’d like for it.

      Best wishes

      • Dear Jan

        Thank you so much for your helpful email. I checked Primrose out but the fountains on their website appear too small for what I want (see pic), so I researched your suggestion of the Moroccan shop near Campos and lo and behold found the shop and they do have some fountains, albeit small ones, but lots of zellige tile and as this is a genuine Moroccan shop I will ask if they can order me what I need. There’s a website in German! So I’ll craft a carefully worded email in English and German (thank God for Google translator!)asking if he can supply the type of fountain I am looking for, (see picture attached to this email). I am coming over this Sunday for a few days and will drive down to Campos to see the shop. The closing on my house is taking so long! I am buying in Crestatx between Sa Pobla and Pollensa and daily checking google for useful info on getting satellites, wifi and removals from UK…. your blog has been a great help and source of inspiration! Thank you again.

        All the best



      • Pleased to have been of assistance, Judi, and thanks for your kind comments about my blog. Patience is a vital quality on Mallorca!

        Best of luck with your property!


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