Our New Neighbour in Rural Mallorca

We have a new neighbour – and a noisy one at that. We first met him while taking a bottle of wine down to our German neighbour Hans, who had recently brought us a large bag of oranges from his land. He often brings us produce but, as we have little in the way of fruit and veg to give him in return – because our soil is so poor – we return the favour by giving him and his wife Inga a bottle of wine. It seems to be a good arrangement.

On the day we took this latest bottle of wine down the lane, we could see Hans walking his dogs down to the field at the bottom where two donkeys are kept. The donkeys’ owner no longer lives in the valley – although he visits frequently – and Hans has taken on the duties of donkey-feeder and carer. He turned around and waved to us to follow him down. And there we met the valley’s newest resident: a gorgeous five-day old donkey foal.


I didn’t have my camera with me at the time so couldn’t take a photo, but resolved to return soon to do so. And, it’s just typical, but every time we went near the large field, the foal was out of sight, close to the trees or sheltering amid the bamboo that grows alongside the stream running through the valley.

However, the youngster obliged us with a sighting a few days ago – and this time I had my camera at the ready. We had our best friends staying from the UK and we all walked down the lane, bearing a few carrot snacks for the proud parents, in the hope that we’d see the youngster. And this time we were lucky: I present to you Salami (yes, I’m afraid that is his name, but thankfully it’s not his destiny), at the tender age of 46 days old.

Salami, sticking close to his mum. And with a name like that, can you blame him?

Salami, sticking close to his mum. And with a name like that, can you blame him?

Cute, eh?

©Jan Edwards 2014

3 thoughts on “Our New Neighbour in Rural Mallorca

    • Always loved the sound of donkeys. It sounds a bit sad even if it is a happy donkey.
      When we first arrived on Mallorca, more than ten years ago, you could see a carriage with a donkey in central Porreres but not now. People in the Mallorcan countryside still like to keep them even if they don’t use them.


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