Come Into My Parlour? Said the Spider to the Fly

Living in rural Mallorca we see plenty of wildlife around the place, so I have become used to sharing space with a variety of creatures, including woodlice, millipedes, mosquitoes, geckos, ants (which have been a particular nuisance this year), and even locusts.

Surprisingly though we don’t see many spiders – despite the obvious presence of extensive and sometimes intricate webs suspended in or between plants in our Mediterranean garden. So we were fascinated to see this one, enjoying the early morning sunshine.

A resident - thankfully, only in the garden

A resident – thankfully, only in the garden

It’s a beautiful specimen, but I wouldn’t want it in my parlour …

Jan Edwards Copyright2013 

2 thoughts on “Come Into My Parlour? Said the Spider to the Fly

  1. It is quite fascinating! Whenever I find one inside my house I always try to carefully capture it in a drinking glass with a piece of cardstock to keep it in there and then carry it outside. I don’t like to kill them. They have their purpose, too, in the scheme of things, even though it is horrible discovering one in your bed in the middle of the night! Eek!

    • We have a similar system for catching wildlife that venture into the house. I simply
      can’t kill anything either . . . but The Boss does the capturing and releasing. Yes,
      a spider in the bed would not be a good thing!

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