The Luxury of Finca Life

A web within a web?

A web within a web?

I write for a luxury lifestyle magazine on Mallorca, which may seem a little odd, given that rural life on the island – as we live it, in an old finca – is far from luxurious, as the word is generally interpreted.

But I certainly do appreciate and know a bit about the finer things in life. Someone once accused me of being a bit of a hedonist: I love top-notch cuisine, fine wines, travel (not that we’ve done much of that with all the expense of keeping a finca going and all our cats to look after), and going to the theatre and concerts. But, of necessity (all those finca bills!), these pleasures are very infrequent – and more appreciated by both The Boss and me, I believe, as a result.

The Yucca-wide Web

Since coming to live on Mallorca, I’ve written about, or interviewed people in, some fabulous architect-designed homes on Mallorca. I’m not jealous at all . . . much. But I’ve just seen the most amazing accommodation this morning. Rising before the sun and finding a serena (sea mist) blanketing the valley, I ventured out with my Nikon D50. And saw this intriguing spider’s web in one of our yucca bushes – a kind of web-within-a-web. An inner sanctum? A mezzanine? Who knows.

Without wishing to sound too fingers-down-the-throat cheesy, it’s experiences like this that make us appreciate finca living: being sufficiently without the distractions of busy daily urban life to have the time and opportunity to notice what nature gets up to while the human race races about its daily life. And that’s a real luxury.

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2 thoughts on “The Luxury of Finca Life

  1. These fabulous houses could exist as a testimony to their owner’s exquisite taste, but more common as a statement of wealth.
    The real luxury is, as you stated, to have the time to observe and enjoy the beautiful views and the small wonders of nature. For that you don’t need a manor house, a more humble dwelling is sufficient. Time has to be wisely used, as you never know how much you have been granted.

  2. I completely agree, Jan. We live in the country on our small American “finca” and are very contented. In the summer I do not have to work so I love to just “stay home” and be happy with my animals and nature. I try not to “go to town” more than once a week or every 10 days. Right now I can hear the songs of doves, ravens, magpies and our roosters crowing. Much earlier there were robins singing. There is no better music.
    Those of us who can be happy with the simplicity of life as it was meant to be are lucky.
    Of course, it helps to be able to support such a lifestyle, however modest. We are grateful that we can.

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