A bug’s life

One we've not seen before!

One we’ve not seen before!

If you live in rural Mallorca, as we do, you can’t afford be too squeamish about insects, because there are plenty of them to share our lives. We’ve seen some interesting specimens over the years, including an amazing moth that was the size of a small bird. We had friends round for supper on the terrace that night and the timing of this moth’s fluttering around the outside light was perfect – as though we’d organised its visit for their amusement. 


The most common insect visitors inside our house are ants – and this is the time of year when they start to become a nuisance, carrying off cat biscuit crumbs that our Birman cat Minstral’s dropped on the floor around his dish, and looking for anything minute and food-like they can find. You can’t fault the work ethic of ants though; shame they can’t paint ceilings . . .

Today, The Boss spotted something rather unusual on the wall by our front terrace. We have no idea what it is, but I grabbed the camera all the same.

Does anyone know what it is?

Answers on a virtual postcard please!


4 thoughts on “A bug’s life

    • Oh no! Thanks for this link, Karl – I think you’re probably right. The Boss has gone out with big boots on to see if he can find it. Thankfully there are no palms around here . . .

    • Yes, it seems as though it is from the various comments I’ve had back. Nasty little thing is
      causing devastation to the island’s palm trees . . . thankfully there are none near to us. x

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