Here comes the weather . . .

For the past eight days, we – or just I at times – have been out and about around Mallorca. Some of these excursions have been in connection with my writing; other outings have been for social reasons. It’s been a busy time, and we’ve had some fine weather to do it all by. But a yellow alert for thunderstorms has been hanging over us like the sword of Damocles for a few days.

Today, during a much-wanted day in at our home in the Mallorcan countryside, the storm has arrived – with thunder, lightning, gusty winds, heavy rain, and even hail. The hailstones are the largest we have seen at our finca since we moved here.

When we have a storm, we’re always on lightning watch – so that we can shut down our solar power system if the storm gets too close. It’s inconvenient to be without power (and therefore Internet and phone too), but not as inconvenient as suffering damage to the system.

Spain has had its hottest May for 50 years and, so far, June has been warmer and drier than usual. A neighbouring farmer has lost his field of broad beans, due to lack of water.  Although not as devastating as the loss of a food crop and the potential income, many of the plants in our garden are suffering and already have that when-will-August-be-over look about them.

The land needs the water and anyone with crops or a garden will surely be glad to see some rain. As we say in England, ‘it’s lovely weather for ducks’. Not, however for the poor holidaymakers here at the moment . . .

June 16, 2015

Storm clouds Mallorca

A gathering storm – in every direction.

Storm clouds Mallorca

Time to batten down the hatches.

Hail on Majorca

And soon these fell out of the sky. Noisy on the roof – painful on the head!