Lockdown Log in Mallorca – Day 71

Ripe for the picking

Here in Mallorca, we’re about to move into Phase 2 of the de-escalation of the strictest lockdown measures in Europe.  In Phase 1 (from May 11th) The Boss and I did pretty much the same as we did in Phase 0. We were allowed to – but didn’t – venture out to a bar terrace, lusting after that first coffee ‘out’ again (although we are very much looking forward to doing this), or meet up with ten friends – socially distanced, of course.

But we did have two enjoyable outings. Since lockdown started, we’ve had a fruit-and-veg box delivery from a company called Terracor/Terragust in Manacor. They’ve been delivering to us on Fridays but we had A Big Plan for Friday 22nd, so we went to their small farm shop (set up in an open-sided barn-like structure). What made this little shopping trip fun was that we were able – if we wanted – to pick our own peaches and nectarines from the orchards. Well, that sounded fun (we take our excitement where we can, these days).

On arrival, we were greeted by the now customary squirt of sanitizing gel. Anyone with shares in companies making this stuff is set to see big dividends, I imagine.

One of the team took us into the orchard, showed us which rows of trees had the sweetest fruit at that time, and told us what to look for in terms of fruit-skin colour.

As usual, the quality of the produce we took home was excellent. Those nectarines and peaches? They tasted all the more delicious, knowing that we’d plucked them from the trees ourselves.

Terragust offers a really enjoyable farm-to-table experience during the summer months, which we can highly recommend. You can read about it here, on my other blog.

A Big Plan

On Friday, 22nd, we went out for lunch. Before lockdown began in Spain, this wouldn’t have been unusual. But things have changed, haven’t they.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been writing a novel. The idea for the novel had been in my head for a lot longer and a few thousand words I originally wrote years ago still lurk in my computer. The novel is set in Mallorca (natch) and the beautiful mountain village of Deià – where I had several lovely holidays, back in the day, with my very dear friend Sally – has a role in the story.

Well, I finally finished the first draft (80k+ words) a couple of days ago – the perfect excuse to celebrate by dipping our toes into the waters of eating out again. And it seemed appropriate to do it in Deià.

We had an excellent lunch at Es Racó d’es Teix (which has a Michelin star but offers a very reasonably priced set lunch on weekdays). It’s family run, with Josef Sauerschell in the kitchen, his wife Eleanor front of house, and their identical-twin daughters (that confused us) helping out. As we entered the garden terrace, there was a bottle of sanitizing gel, so we could treat our hands before sitting down.

After a superb lunch – appreciated all the more because it was the first time we’d eaten out since mid-March – we drove down the twisting lane to Cala Deià, where we were the closest to the Mediterranean that we’d been since…you guessed, mid-March.

The Mediterranean at Cala Deia

Beaches Beckon

From tomorrow, Mallorca moves into Phase 2 and the beaches will open again. For those of us who live here, we have a few weeks to enjoy them with fewer people on than usual – before the hoped-for influx of tourists, when the island reopens to international travellers in July.

The sea has never looked cleaner or more tempting than it does now. What has been forbidden fruit will be ripe for enjoyment from tomorrow.

Do you live or have a home in Bunyola, Mallorca? If so, Max – who has a home there and whose comment is below – would like to be in contact.

Jan Edwards ©2020

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Log in Mallorca – Day 71

  1. Jan

    I really enjoy your blog.

    We have a house in Bunyola and normally visit Mallorca for a week every month. Our last visit was in February and because of the quarantine requirements in England I think it is going to be late August/September before we are allowed to visit.

    If you have subscribers in the Bunyola area we would love to contact them. I have been trying to learn Spanish for some time but because of hearing issues I find it very difficult and of course all my neighbours in Bunyola speak Mallorcain or Spanish

    I would be interested in the address of the fruit farm. We have been to Es Raco de Teix and thought the food really good but we went on a weekend when they did not have the fixed price menu. What is the price of their lunch menu – it is not on their web site.

    Best wishes


    • Thank you, Max, for your kind words about my blog.

      What a pity that you’ve not been able to come over to your house in Bunyola – you must miss the place terribly. Fingers crossed you can make it back before too long – without quarantine issues.

      Es Raco d’es Teix’s lunchtime menu is 3 courses for 35 euros, with an option to include wine pairing for 50 euros (which we didn’t take up because of driving).

      Terracor/Terragust grows their produce on several farms around Manacor and it’s my understanding that the ‘shop’ will be mobile, and move around these farms, depending on what’s available to customers to do pick-your-own if they want. The website is https://shop.terragust.com/ (with English language option). We’ve had deliveries for nine weeks and have been very impressed with the quality of everything we’ve had.

      Stay safe and well over there in Blighty and we hope you’ll soon be enjoying your regular visits to Mallorca again. Best wishes, Jan

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