Making new friends in rural Mallorca

Making new friends when you move to another country can take time – especially if you choose to live in a rural location, as we did, on the island of Mallorca. But it didn’t take us long to become on nodding terms with the sheep living in the field across the lane . . .

Fortunately, my writing work has taken me all over the island over the past 11 years and I’ve met lots of people of all nationalities – some of whom have become our friends.

An adventure beckons

Recently I was contacted by a reader of this blog, who had previously commented on a few posts and emailed me for some advice about flying pets over to Mallorca. British woman Celia and her husband are soon to embark on a similar adventure to our own – but, we hope, without some of the traumas we experienced.

On one of their visits to Mallorca, in connection with the property they have bought, Celia and hubby stayed at a boutique hotel I’ve written about a few times on my other blog They had a great time at Petit Hotel Son Arnau, which is run by a really lovely couple called Alex and Susan – who gave up good London careers to open their own hotel in the village of Selva, near the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tramuntana mountains. We stayed there for a night last summer and have since become friends with this welcoming couple.

Alex and Susan run Mallorca's Petit Hotel Son Arnau.

Alex and Susan – the friendly hosts at Petit Hotel Son Arnau in Selva.

On their most recent visit to Mallorca, Celia and Gordon stayed in the home of their friend in the southwest of the island, but wanted to revisit Petit Hotel Son Arnau to see Alex and Susan again and  have one of Alex’s delicious dinners there. And they invited us along too!

Like old friends

Meeting people for the first time can sometimes be awkward, but we immediately hit it off with this enthusiastic and animal-loving couple, who are going through some of the processes and emotions we went through after we’d bought our finca. They will be visiting Mallorca again in June, and we look forward to seeing them back.

So if you’re moving abroad and are concerned about being able to make friends in your new country, remember the words attributed to the Irish poet William Butler Yeats: “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.”

3 thoughts on “Making new friends in rural Mallorca

  1. Dear Jan

    I am always very much enjoying to read your blog, therefore I wanted to suscribe also to the other one –
    Unfortunately I did not find any link to do so. Could you please help me?

    Thanks and warm regards from Switzerland

  2. Hi! I Love getting your blog on my email and have been so busy until this time have been unable to comment, but just wanted to say This was heartfelt as I have moved to a few different countries before and I wish I had this lovely input! I did have at least a few friends when I moved to Europe to Paris and then again to Hamburg but moving to Hawaii of all places was the most difficult…and I am American! So you just never know how a place is going to treat you even with smiles on your face…a no no in NYC : ) But none the less YOU are a joy and they are very lucky to have you there! Cheers!
    Always looking forward to new friends I havent met yet. I had forgotten that quote so good though,.. as I had stopped travelling after I moved back to Mainland from Not so Aloha Islands after 8 years! So you have put the travel bug back in me Mahalo! Thank you in Hawaiian! A great place to VISIT though!

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