Tigger needs a home . . .

Because blogs are read by people from around the world, I’m not too optimistic that this post will achieve what I’d like it to, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Hopefully an animal lover on Mallorca will read this . . .

Regular readers of Living in Rural Mallorca will know that The Boss and I have quite a few cats about our finca. Minstral, our Birman, is an indoor cat (when we ‘adopted’ him from a cat fosterer, we were warned that he had no road sense whatsoever and shouldn’t be allowed to go out alone. When he ventures outside for a short while, he is supervised!).

We also have an outdoor tribe of cats – all but one of them related to each other. They’re a tight-knit little bunch but accepted Shorty into their midst because, we think, he was so tiny (and injured) when he appeared on our land late last July. Other cats that have since ventured onto our property have met with varying degrees of hostility. Fur has flown . . .

A loyal feline companion

For this reason we can’t help out some dear friends, who are returning to the UK for health reasons. Because they are moving to a no-pets-policy rented property there, they can’t take their much-loved cat Tigger. He’s a handsome fella of around four years old, neutered and fully vaccinated. He’s used to living outdoors but stays mainly on our friends’ land, arriving at the door twice daily for his food.  He loves human company, but hasn’t been used to children, and loves a bit of a fuss, and sitting on a lap when he gets the chance. And he needs to be re-homed within the next two weeks.

Do you live on Mallorca? Could you find a place in your heart and home (or garden) for Tigger?Please get in touch if you can . . .





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