A celebration of Mallorca’s food and wines . . . in London

Since moving to rural Mallorca, I have rediscovered the joy of cooking. I put it down to the ready availability of locally grown fresh produce, terrific storecupboard ingredients (luscious local olive oils, artisan salts, etc) and, of course, some excellent award-winning wines produced on this island. Oh, and the lack of a handy Marks & Spencer food hall . . .

If you’re in London this week, you could experience for yourself some of Mallorca’s cuisine (though, sadly, not its weather): London Mallorca Week (October 22nd-28th) is a celebration of some of this beautiful Mediterranean island’s food and wines – offering the chance to dine out on some traditional Mallorcan dishes, discover a few of the island’s excellent wines, and stock up on some ingredients for your kitchen.

On the menu

Throughout this week some of the capital’s top Spanish restaurants – including Barcelona Tapas, Barrafina, Cambio de Tercio, Fino, Iberica London, and Pizarro – are offering Mallorcan specialities and wines (by the glass or bottle) produced on the island.

Callet – one of Mallorca’s varieties of grapes used in wine-making.

On Friday 26th (18:00-22:00hrs) and Saturday 27th (09:00-15:30hrs) a group of Mallorcan food producers – Oli Novembre, Ametlla+, Raixa Mallorca, and winemakers Can Majoral, Vins Toni Gelabert, and Es Verger – will be selling their goods at foodie hang-out Maltby Street market. It’s a chance to buy some of the products that have become essential to our lives in rural Mallorca.

Tumbet by TwitterYou don’t have to be in London to get involved in this event: tonight at 19:00hrs (UK time), Catalan food specialist Rachel McCormack offers a Twitter cook-along – a lesson in making Mallorca’s answer to ratatouille, known as tumbet. This delicious vegetable dish is one of The Boss’s favourites and is a great way to boost your intake of veggies.

If you fancy following Rachel’s tweeted instructions (@R_McCormack/#LondonMallorcawk), be in the kitchen with Twitter access and these ingredients:

Extra virgin olive oil

2 potatoes

1 aubergine (eggplant)

1 courgette (zucchini)

2 green peppers

1 red peppper

3 tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic



Bon profit!

Mallorca Food Week is a self-funded promotional initiative by the featured Mallorcan food producers, in partnership with Rachel McCormack, who teaches Catalan cookery in London. For more details about Mallorca Food Week, check out Rachel’s website www.catalancooking.co.uk/mallorca-week./

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